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This domain is for sale.
A brief history of this domain:
Desertmoon Software was started in 1993 by me as a consulting and custom Macintosh software business during my senior year at the University of Arizona. The business only lasted approximately 3 years due to lack of interested clients. Since then the Desertmoon domain name has pointed to my family pages at For sentimental reasons, I've never put the domain up for sale. However I believe the domain name is no longer applicable or needed in my life.

This does not mean I intend to sell the domain at a rock bottom price, nor will I sell it at some astronomical price. If you interested in purchasing this domain name, please contact me via either US postal mail, or via a telephone call. Both of these can be found via the Network Solutions whois query for the domain name. I do not wish to be contact via email, as I already get too much spam and might inadvertantly see a purchase request for the domain as spam and delete it.